rézo sossio

cé pa la pène de te cassé la nénett :


kan ta pa envi de fer a manjé


Kan té tou seul é ke tu ve discuté


Kan ta fame te gonfle


Kan ton mari regard le foutt


Kan ta dé zami


Kan tan na pa 





Si tu nou sui sur internette, tu sra tenu o couran de tou lé zévèneman du fonétic : lé mnu spéssio , lé zanimassion , lé zaniversère ...é toultralala

Le fonétic

Le resto képa kom lé zotr

Le bontoucru : There are two versions.


The normal (The one of which you are used) :

Of the ox just taken out of the meadow

                           and seasoning has our way.


Allé Zou ! 16€

                        The extraordinary

It's a tartar of hell with hearts of artichoke, some goat cheese and full of surprising thing that go you left on the bottom.


Allé zou : 18€

X  there is          there is not

le goré oblik

.. It is of the spare rib tender as one pleases with a tomato sauce in spices and jumped potatoes.

                             You go you treatred my pig !

allé zou : 18€

X  there is          there is not 

l'extra de cornu

it is the filet of beef approximately 250g ! Of tenderness.... served with a sauce that you have never tasted !!!

                           You are going to feel carnivorous Viktor !!!


allé zou : 27€

X  there is          there is not 


a hamburger like the fonetic, simmered in the soft goat cheese. It is to tell you : Obama demands me every on Monday !


allé zou : 16€

X  there is          there is not

Le karnivor

it's a T.bon of veal, served with some herb butter and sautéed potatoes


allé zou : 25€

X  there is          there is not

 Le palmé de lakour


A duck breast with a honey sauce and oranges. You are going to feel winging waddling on your chair ! 


allé zou : 26€

X  there is          there is not

Enjoy your meal !

origin of the meat: EU

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